Real Time Data Aggregation Platform

Cost-Effective, Robust and Efficient way to collect and map your user data in real-time


Events 360 is a robust, highly-scalable solution that can collect, map and store your user data from your websites and apps. With a latency lesser than 2.5 seconds, we provide data directly to your warehouse so that you can take decisions whenever you need.
Events 360 is also platform independent and works equally well across Web, Android and iOS allowing you to access all your data at a single place, in real time.


Data collection from a vast array of sources

To ensure that you get your user data no matter what device your users are using, our versatile set of libraries allow data collection from Web, IOS, GTM and Android.

Use Cases


Real Time Data

Enhancing your customer experience with Personalisation, increasing the Retention rate


Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing helps retail stores track the indoor location of their customers & suggest other products based on what they are looking for.


Contextual Marketing

Contextual marketing elevates the product recommendation process by analysing their customer history.


Mapping Customer Journey

Real-Time Events helping you to track your customer behaviours



Engage with your customers by analysing their data in real-time

Looking for a scalable data infrastructure?

We'll scale with you as you grow and our product tiers won't be breaking the bank